Curry and Irish Spring

Trigger Smells: Curry and Irish Spring

I despise them both.  They leave me with a physical reaction.  The smells themselves makes me feel nauseous and sick.  I cannot stay long around any type of curry / Indian restaurant or food, and if someone passes me and the scent of the original Irish Spring wafts up my nose, my mouth waters like I will vomit.

the Curry – I somewhat know why, but that memory has not felt I am ready for it to completely come up yet so I keep the puzzle pieces until the missing ones arrive.  There aren’t many left to piece together, and I am being patient.

The Irish Spring – well, he was a sick, gross old man, and I was eight. Irish Spring is beard stubble, forced secrets and a pedophile protected by preachers.

I say no thank you to both.


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