I am the author of Cult Child, a 2016 Amazon best-selling memoir based on my life growing up a sexually, mentally and physically abused child in Sam Fife’s Move of God cult.  This cult still exists, with almost two dozen documented compounds globally.

My creativity is the therapy by which I have survived the memories of my childhood abuse. There are dark caves where the worst of my memories hide.  This is my Shadowland.   There are many  caves, and we intend to travel them all in this lifetime.

I identify Embodied Empath Hybrid and Highly Sensory.   I am an integrated DID carrier. I understand the journey through religious and sexual abuse recovery.  I know the work it takes in returning to our original, authentic mind.

I am raw.  I am flawed.  I am vulnerable, and here without shame, to tell the true story of my own childhood.  I am writing out the effects that this trauma has left on my family and my own children.

I write to survive, and I write for those who cannot find the words to tell their own  story.


Spoken Word CD


Some of the entries you will read if you follow this journal may contain descriptive accounts of sexual, physical, mental abuse, graphic dreams, and other possibly triggering subjects.  Please follow with caution.  If you do decide to follow, stay on the raft, I’ll always have your back.


Remember to love yourself the most. 



  1. I am super excited to get my hands on this book as well as all the other goodies I have ordered. I too have suffered some trauma but not religious trauma. I can’t wait I wish you the best with your success ❤❤


  2. Hi Vennie:

    Just read your article on the Sam Fife – MKUltra connection. My mom was a victim of MKUltra and I am also aware of Sam Fife and his cult movement, having a few friends who share that history with you, thankfully also recovering from their experiences.. I had no idea of the connection between Fife & MKUltra and am very mortified and intrigued. With that said, in your mention of the cult “farm” property locations in Alaska, you don’t mention the farm that was briefly established on Lazy Mountain, outside of Palmer, I believe on property leased or purchased from what is now Wolverine Farm, in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It is now gone, with no trace of the buildings. Just wanted to mention that in case possibly you didn’t have that information. Thank you for your sharing, ministry and giving a voice to others.



    1. Hey Elizabeth. Palmer. Was there an airplane landing strip there? Was it near water for water planes to land? I’m wondering if I’m thinking of the same place. Known then as Palmer – or in our language, the Palmer compound. Am I on track. I didn’t know it had disappeared. Did the people disburse to other compounds? How interesting.

      Thank you for connecting and so openly sharing. We are all reuniting and the similarities in our stories are definitely a telling synchronization.


  3. Vennie reading your book “the cult child ” just finished chapter 5. That’s fucked up what wasul did to u. I remember him,my mother thought he had a good singing voice. I remember your family. I was on the land back in 77-78. I never wanted to b there but was getting my ass kicked on the regular by my father so was forced to go. Definitely brings back fucked up memories. Appreciate the blood sweat and tears u put in this book. lol maybe I should write a book. Keep on exposing all them bastards. Gonna give my parents this book. Don’t think their going to like it but oh well.

    Much love and sympathy to u and your family

    Ralph Ortiz

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    1. Oh Ralph, we remember you also. I so sorry for all the pain. But look at us now. Living and shit, and it feels good to get to speak the truth. My brother, Scott, said to tell you hello. The current members of the Move definitely don’t like the book but the truth hurts doesn’t it. Remember Marie Williams (Toby Williams)? She said recently that well, I was a “seductive child”. The mindset is still the same. The air in Delta Junction is thick and evil. I will keep talking and exposing for sure. As long as children are still trapped there, I’ll keep speaking. Love you, Ralph and thank you for connecting. It especially made my brother very happy! 💞


          1. Thanks, Vennie. I thought Whitestone had/owned/operated an excavation company but I can’t recall the name at the moment but different from Williams and Son’s.

            Are you aware of any Move connections in Tennessee? Were the Williams “converted” after moving to Delta?


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